profile Singleton

User profile



ageRating :Number staticreadonly

Indicates what ageRating the profile has.

country :String staticreadonly

Contains the full length country name in english. For example 'Netherlands'

countryCode :String staticreadonly

Contains a lowercase iso code of the country. For example (nl, en, uk, fr, us)

household :String staticreadonly

Unique household operator id.

id :String staticreadonly

Unique profile id.

ip :String staticreadonly

IP address of the device the framework is running on.

language :String staticreadonly

Contains the full length language name. For example 'English'.

languageCode :String staticreadonly

Contains the ISO 639-1 language code. For example 'en'.

latlon :Array staticreadonly

Contains the latitude and longitude coordinates of the device location.

locale :String staticreadonly

Contains the combination of language and country iso codes. For example 'en-NL'

locked :Boolean staticreadonly

Indicates if the profile is locked after for example to many incorrect pin entries.

mac :String staticreadonly

Contains the mac address of the device.

name :String staticreadonly

Contains the name of the profile.

operator :String staticreadonly

Contains the operator name.

packages :Array staticreadonly

{String} city :String staticreadonly

Contains the full length city name where the application is running.



Deprecated Use profile.countryCode instead. This will no longer be available in the next major version.


Deprecated Use profile.languageCode instead. This will no longer be available in the next major version.

hasPin(type) → {Boolean}

Ask the system if a certain section is password protected.



Indicates what section to check if it has a password. Possible options: master, adult, youth, purchase and passport


True if a password is set.